pet friendly sports bars Carrollton TX

pet friendly sports bars Carrollton TX

pet friendly sports bars Carrollton TX

Going out to a sports bar with your pet can be a great way to spend the evening! But finding one that's truly pet-friendly can be tough. Luckily for those living in Carrollton, TX, there are plenty of options available. From outdoor patios to cozy pubs, there's something for everyone and their furry friend!

The first spot on the list is The Londoner Pub & Grill. This British-style pub offers not only delicious food and drinks but also a spacious outdoor patio where pets are welcome - provided they're accompanied by an adult at all times. Plus, every Tuesday night they have trivia night which is always a ton of fun!

Another great spot is the Craft & Growler. With its dog-friendly taproom and ample selection of craft beers, this place has quickly become a favorite among locals looking for somewhere to share some time with their canine companion. And if you get hungry while you're there, don't worry - they serve up tasty food options as well!

Lastly, Thaxton Roadhouse is another excellent option for anyone looking to take their pup out for a night on the town. Relax outside on their large dog-friendly patio while sipping on one of their signature cocktails or enjoying some live music. It's sure to be an amazing experience that both you and your pup will love!

So the next time you're in Carrollton and want to grab a beer with your pup in tow, make sure to check out these awesome pet friendly spots! They'll provide hours of entertainment for both of you - plus lots of tasty snacks too!

sports bars with patios Carrollton TX

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are several pet friendly sports bars in Carrollton, TX.
Most pet friendly sports bars allow small to medium-sized leashed dogs.
Yes, some pet friendly sports bars may have restrictions on serving certain types of food and beverages to pets.
Some pet friendly sports bars may have an outdoor seating area specifically for pets where they can enjoy the atmosphere without being inside the bar itself.